Running Gait Analysis  

What is a running gait assessment?

Assessment of your running style will help to prevent injury, maximise recovery from current injuries and could also improve your speed and performance.

We film you running on either a treadmill or outside, using various angles to consider all aspects of your running style.  Following this we analyse the videos, allowing us to determine any problem areas  Amongst other aspects this may relate to foot position, posture, core stability or hip and knee control.  From this it may be necessary to provide you with a program of exercises, stretches or running drills.


As you work on areas of flexibility, strength and technique you may need support in order to continue with dynamic strengthening and stretching exercises and consolidate your new techniques.

You may require a follow up assessment to progress your exercises to ensure ongoing strength and conditioning, or you may need physiotherapy treatment in order to enable you to achieve your goals pain free.

Physical Assessment

A physical assessment will be carried out alongside your gait analysis in order to consider any issues relevant to your running style. During your physical assessment we will look closely at your:

  • Posture
  • Foot and lower limb alignment
  • Flexibility
  • Muscle strength