Has it occured to you that your back pain might be due to the way you carry yourself? Do you work at a desk all day and have neck pain or headaches? Do you find being on your feet at work or at home leaves you with a dull back ache? Have you suffered the dreaded 'shoppers back'? If so, maybe your posture is to blame.

Many people do not understand and appreciate the importance of correct posture and suffer needlessly from aches and pains that might benefit from a one to one analysis and training programme.

Throughout all the clinics we offer assessment, teaching and guidance on how to learn and maintain a posture which minimises stresses on the spine and hence helps alleviate back or neck pain. Through a course of up to four sessions with William Eke you will learn how to 'Co-contract' your abdomen, activate the 'core stability' muscles of the low back as well as receive advice on numerous daily activities from how to arrange your desk at work to how to stand whilst shopping.

The posture programmes are available to all patients and are held within the Bristol and Bath clinics.


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