Hands-On Health Treatments clinic at Keynsham, Bristol has it’s own x-ray facilities that can be used for patients attending at Keynsham, Frenchay & Downend and Midsomer Norton clinics.

X-rays can be taken and processed on the first visit at Keynsham, Bristol and within 48 hours if the patient has been at one of our other clinics we make sure there is no lengthy wait for an x-ray appointment.

This enables patients to have a consultation, x-rays taken, and a diagnosis of their problem on the first visit or very soon after the first visit. A course of treatment can then be started immediately.

Not all patients need an x-ray examination. X-rays are only taken when there is a clinical need to do so and this would be discussed with the patient at their consultation or when some clinical need may present itself during the treatment process.

The Hands-On Health Treatments Keynsham, Bristol Clinic is monitored by the NRPB (National Radiation Protection Board) like any other clinic or institution with x-ray facilities to ensure the health and safety of the patients.


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