As well as providing a range of disciplines : chiropractic, physiotherapy, sports therapy, massage, exercise and various lifestyle / rehabilitation / exercise programmes, the Hands-on Health Treatment clinics in Bristol and Bath also provide a wide range of other services. These include:-

• X-Ray Facilities
• Foot Orthotics
• Supportive Products
• Nutritional Support 

The Keynsham, Bristol clinic has x-ray facilities on site to aid a speedy diagnosis and commencement of treatment. It also has a sports injury clinic and a fully equipped rehabilitation gym on site.

Our fully qualified chiropractors in Bristol and Bath have full referral access to MRI scanning services which can be arranged quickly and at some of the lowest costs in the country.

The use of foot orthotics can greatly assist the management of these conditions. Our Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Sports Therapists are trained to recognise when these may be necessary and our Bristol and Bath clinics supply superfeet orthotics. 

In addition to foot orthotics, a number of other products are available to patients to assist the treatment of a range of different conditions. These include, orthopaedic pillows, exercise balls, cold packs, biofreeze gel, seat wedges, wobble boards, cushions, lumbar belts, heel lifts and elbow supports.

The Bristol and Bath clinics also supply a small range of nutritional supplements.

Our Bristol and Bath clinics and our highly skilled team of professional chiropractors, physiotherapists and sports therapists provide a professional, friendly and caring environment to get our patients out of pain and improve their quality of life.  Our chiropractic approach is aimed to provide you with a fast route to recovery and  is aimed to help you be as fit and healthy as you can possibly be.

Free parking is available at all our Bristol and Bath clinics.


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