Following an initial patient assessment, the clinician will determine the appropriate programme for patients’ individual needs. This will be a 6, 8 or 10 week programme supervised either by a rehabilitation specialist within a group or with one-to-one personalised supervision depending on the patient’s specific requirements.

Back to Health

Programme specifically designed for recurrent back pain sufferers - helping to restore function, reduce pain, improve flexibility and return to health.

Road to Recovery

Programme to encourage making exercise a habit or aiding recovery after illness such as stroke or cancer.

Healthy Heart

Programme to help determine and provide the right foundation for a healthy heart followed by a gym programme with a rehabilitation specialist.

Post Operative

Physiotherapist assessment/consultation and follow up, allowing prescription and monitoring of a tailored programme according to the patient’s requirements after hip/knee replacement, spinal or upper limb surgery.

Women’s Health

Pre- and Post-natal tailored programmes with a physiotherapist for clients’ individual needs such as pelvic floor weakness, bladder/bowel incontinence, post-pregnancy complications and pubic symphysis diastasis.

Return to Fitness/Weight Management

Programme which leads gently into exercise with fully supervised gym sessions.

Seasonal Sports/Activity

Programmes individually tailored in order to participate/perform at optimal level and reduce the risk of injury in preparation for sports or activity holidays.

Posture Programme

Assessment allowing prescription of either a tailored exercise programme in the gym or a Pilates class to improve posture and address muscle imbalances.


Individually tailored exercise programme in the gym. Its aim is to get patients bodies functioning better and to help arthritis sufferers enjoy a better quality of life.

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